Forehead Head Strip Thermometer Baby Care


Introducing the Baby Forehead Head Strip Thermometer: the must-have accessory for temperature-conscious infants, now with a touch of humor! Stick it on your baby’s forehead and watch as it transforms into a mini disco dance floor, complete with neon lights and a tiny DJ spinning baby-friendly beats. Because even fevers deserve a little party!


Temperature range:  95.0~104 F (35~40 C)
Size: 0.6*3.5in (16*90mm)

Instructions for use:
●Place the patch in the middle of the forehead for 15 seconds.
●The scale displayed in green is the current forehead temperature.
●If there is no green scale, it means the scale of body temperature is between amber and blue.
●Please use this patch at room temperature (21-23°C; 70°F-74°F).
●Do not expose to the sun. If the liquid crystal does not change color, you can put the liquid crystal product in the refrigerator (no freezer) for 30 minutes to restore the color change effect.


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